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Aquarium Store, Tropicals and Coldwater Fish, Fish Importer, Live Aquatic Plants, Inverts and Aquarium Accessories.

Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre, our spacious store specialises in all aspects of aquatics and aquatic supplies, including fresh water tropicals, coldwater fish plants and inverts. We also stock a wide range of aquatic accessories including: lights, pumps, plumbing, heaters, substrate and CO2 systems. Our range of high quality fish are either imported direct or hand picked from UK holding area's. If required we can source your required stock for you. All stock is fully quarantined in our own quarantine room and our Discus are also wormed before sale.

We are a family run business of which one member is a fully certified Marine Biologist (Masters). The rest of our staff are highly trained and can recommend and help with all your aquatic needs. Why not pay us a visit. .
Welcome To All.... We have spent considerable time in making our store accessible to all. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the hobby of fish keeping and be able to visit a local store. Our store entrance is double doors without steps or stairs that is accessed from our large car park. Within store we have plenty of room for wheelchairs and prams to move around, also we have a small seating area and children's activities. A customer toilet is also available which is wheelchair accessible. Pay us a visit, we would love to see you.

Unwanted Fish, Moving House, Out Grown Your Tank, Incompatible or Any Other Reason

We at Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre offer a free service to the people of West Lancashire and are able to rehome unwanted fish. If you live out of the area please still conatct us as we may be able to assist you. We do not offer any funds/rewards for your fish or sell them for profit or gain but we will find them new homes. Please contact us first before bringing your fish to us or if you live in West Lancashire we can collect your fish from you. (this may incur a small charge).

We want to protect our Waterways and Wetlands from none native species so please do not release your fish into our Waterways. Please note the following:

Section 14 of The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it an offence for any person to release or allow escape to the wild any animal which is a kind not ordinarily resident and is not regular visitor to Great Britain in the wild state. These provisions apply equally to amphibians and reptiles. This Act requires that all reasonable care and due diligence is taken to avoid animals escaping into the wild. Section 30 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 requires that written concent of the National Rivers Authority is obtained before fish or spawn of fish can be released into any inland water.

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  • Monday: 10.00 Till 17.30 Tuesday: 10.00 Till 17.30 Wednesday: 10.00 Till 17.30 Thursday: 11.00 Till 19.00 Friday: 10.00 Till 17.30 Saturday: 10.00 Till 17.30 Sunday: 10.00 Till 16.00 B/Holiday: 10.00 Till 16.00
  • Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre Unit 5a Ringtail Road Burscough L40 8JY.
  • Full access for wheelchairs.
  • 18,000lts of tanks.
  • Free off street parking.
  • Full Setups
  • Invert section. Shrimp and crabs.
  • RO/HMA water, bring your own container or buy on site.
  • Well known brands.
  • Full fish data labels above each tank.
  • Free technical help.
  • Full access toilets. "